Skin revitalisation Silver Derm Beauty

Antibacterial, regenerating, soostinch

Combats microorganisms, smoothes skin

Recommended to use with lesions caused by bacteria (eg. acne, atopy) and with mechanical lesions of the skin (wounds, abrasions)

 Can act as an auxiliary preparation for treatment of infestions and bacterial skin infections, acne

Excellent nanobiocare gold

Nourishes, regenerates and rejuvanates the skin, affects collagen fibers in the skin, reducing wrinkles and supporting the revoery process.

It should be emphasized that only recently modern technologies have made it possible to prove that gold may be valuable raw material for cosmetics, and thanks to nanotechnology it has become possible to create forms of gold that can be delivered to the skin. Gold and gold compounds have been used for many year, mainly for ther ability to stimulate the regenerative or biostymulating process, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action as well as slowing down the aging process of the skin.

Gold is involved in repair processes in damaged DNA. It acts primarily on elastin and collagen in the skin, accelerates the growth of cells in the basal layer, regenerating protein fibers in the skin. It slows down the process of sagging skin. As an immunosuppresive agent, it inhibits the production of antibodies - macrophages, phagocytes. They are cells that phagocytose, which means they surround collagen, and the digest the existing collagen and elastin fibers. The gold nanoparticles stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid. Collagen, alongside hyaluronic acid, is the main component resposible for skin elasticity. Gold is excreted in the bile, urine (70%) and sweat.

The human skin is an excellent barrier protecting from the external environment. The stratum corneum and secreted sebum prevent loss of water, which is essential for the skin, and on the other hand, is a barrier to microorganisms, chemicals and also cosmetics, which we want to enter into the deeper layers of the skin.

Excellent nanobiocare silver

Provides skin protection against harmful microorganisms, especially in persons exposed to infections and skin lesions.

Because of the physical and chemical properties of silver, it has numerous applications in industry and medicine. Silver has strong bactericidal and fungicidal properties, known since ancient times. it is characterized by chemical passivity, which menas that it shows minimal chemical activity and its effect is limited to physical action. For this reason, it is very difficult for bacteria to produce defense mechanisms.

Silver and silver compounds have been used for many years, mainly for their antibacterial activity, both in medicine and cosmetics. At the turn of century silver was used, amont others, in water disinfection, food preservation, the treatment of burns and wounds, as an internal antiseptic, to prevent infections before the existence of antibiotics.

The best effect of the action of silver is obtained when it is in the form of nanoparicles, that is when its active surface increages as well as its impact on microorganisms. the ratio of the surface area of nanoparticles to their mass is hight, as their ability to bind.

Contrary to ionic forms, Axannite Silver nanoparticles are obtained by physical methods, therefore they have very high chemical purity.

The antimicrobial mechanism is very complex and multidirectional, that is why it is nearly impossible for bacteria to create resistance or ptorective mechanism against the action of nanosilver.

Skin Revitalisation Gold Derm Beauty

Antibacterial, regenerating, soothing

Stimulate collagen synthesis, support skin recovery


Restores its elasticity as well as its radiance and youthful appearance

 Can act as an auxiliary preparation for treatment of chronic dermatoses, extensive skin burns, inflammatory changes of the skin, acne, hair loss.