Hyalluronic Acid Filler

Fills fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth

Shallower nasolabial furrow, marionettes, as well as wrinkless on the hands


Lasts for 8-10 months.




One of the mosrt popular aesthetic treatments is filling wrinkles, furrows, correcting imperfections and modeling the face and body by using fillers.

The basis of modern preparations is hyaluronic acid (HA), considered to be the safest and most thoroughly testes substance among all substances used to date. This biopolymer is a natural component of the skin and tissues - it is located in high concetrations in the dermis and synovial fluid. hyaluronic acid is easily metabolized in the body, it breaks down into carbon dioxide and water. Over of the skin. Therefore, it has to be delivered from the outside. Through genetic engineering it is possible to produce it from the group of Streptococcus bacteria. a large hygroscopicity of HA causes that a hyaluronic acid molecule can bind water many more times than its own weight. As a result, tissues are very well moisturized. HA has antioxidant properties, its stimulates the formation of new fibroblasts and activates its own fibroblasts to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid, which results in the reconstruction of the structure of the skin and improvement of its firmness and elasticity.


The fillers available on the market contain cross-linked hyaluronic acid - a substance that is stable, plastic, durable and naturally falls into place in the skin and subcutaneous tissue. After administration to the skin, the product is absorbed slowly, which lasts approx. 6-18 months, depending on the type of formulation. there are two types of fillers on the market: single phase and to-phase, resulting in two different technological processes in the field of cross-linking and formation of particles.

In the single-phase process, particles are carefully ground in a homogenizer. The rezulting gel is soft, resilient, easy to inject, with a small acting force on the tissue at the area of injection. A high content of the BDDE cosslinking agent (1, 4 butanediol diglycide ether) enables acheiving a high degree of modification (MOD), which increases the risk of long-term adverse reactions (≥ 1 month), for example granulomas. Unaesthetic, surrounded by tissue bulges are formed when the body recognizes the injected product as foreign boy. These types of fillers are slowly broken down in the tissue, so the effect of the treatment is visible for a long time.

The filler formed in a two-phase process is created differently: the gel is squezzed like through a dense network of a sieve, hence the molecules have different sizes, and consequently - better interparticle friction. This delays the breakdown of the gel in the tissue.

A two-phase filler conatins a lower amount of BDDE molecules and thereby obtains a lower degree of modification (MOD). Coupled by transverse bonds, the two-phase substance resembles natural HA that is present in the body. This relatively hard product is more difficult to administer that te single-phase filler. It has a strong impact on the tissue at the area of injection. The consequence is a single-phase product. However, it poses a smaller risk of long term reaction (≥ 1 month), for example granulomas.

Hyalluronic Acid Lips

Enlarges and lastingly moisturizes lips.


Lasts for up 12 months.



After the generation of single and two-phase fillers, it's time for a product, which has not yet been on the market. It is a three-phase filler, whose exceptional performance results are due to the application of innovative biotechnological solutions that guarantee the highest quality and safety, and consequently, eggectiveness and durability. And it's all thanks to advanced research and the latest technology.

Excellent fillers use HA derived from the Streptococcus zooepidemicus (SZ) bacterium. Excellent products are formed by using homogenization techniques. This means that resulting product has the characterisitcs, includins the advantages, of a single-phase filler. It is soft, flexible, easy to extrude from a syringe and has little physical impact on the tissue at the area of injection.



  • Lips correction - Excellent Lips
  • Cheeks and jaw correction - ExcelLent Voluma
  • Correction around the eyes and forehead - Excellent Filler

The Excellent range created in Hi-Tech conventions is based on a 3-step cross-linking of HA, where each phase is formed at a different temperature. Advanced technology limits the use of crosslinking agents, hence there is a very low content of BDDE at each step ( ~ 0.33% of the total weight of the HA). In effext the HA is modiffied in a small extent and resembles the natural hyaluronic acid in the body. This ensutes maximum biocompatibility is also the effect of spherical particles that have a smoth surface, instead of the irregular particles which have sharp edges. Because of the unique cross-linking and manufacturing technology, the Excellent filler is slowsly and evenly broken down, lasting a long time in tissues, comparably to existing single and two-phase products on the market.

A particular advantage is the almost complete elimination of short and long term adverse reactions of the product on the skin and tissues.

Hyalluronic Acid Voluma

Fills the nasolabial furrows, deep wrinkles on the cheeks and jaw, raises the contour of the face

It is suitable for compensating the loss of volume of tissues of the face and hands


Lasts from 12 to 14 months

 It is designed also for aesthetic gynecology procedures


  • High affinity with natural HA that is present in the skin and tissues.
  • Natural appearance of the skin after the treatment.
  • A very small amount of short-term reactions such as redness or swelling.
  • High purity of the product and a very small conent of the BDDE coslinking agent, which minimizes the formation of long-term side effects, such as granulomas.
  • A product of cohesive consistencym ideally locating itself in the tissue. the shape of the particles facilitates the application of the product and minimizes the physical eggect at the area of injection, mainly in the short term(< 1 month).
  • A suitable amount of bound water molecules from surroning tissues, allowing to maintain good skin and tissue hydration and the absence of excessive edema after the treatment.
  • An implant-type product. Imperceptible, not moving when administered to tissues.
  • Light consistency of the product, which facilitates injection into the tissues.
  • Long duration of the filler as a result of a 3-phase cross-linking.
  • Large viscoelasticity (viscosity) of the product, giving the optimum effect of filling, as a result of a good bonding to the tissue,


Optimal treatment effects are ensured by highly-quality Japanese needles with  a specific structure: acute, with a wide diameter for easy administration into the tissues, significantly reducing patient discomfort. K-Pack II Terumo needles are individually wrapped, with a color-coded label (by type, length, thickness), easy to open, ergonomically designed. You can put them on both manually and automatically. "Thin-walled" needles facilitate the flow of the product during application - they are more functional than normal needles. It is much easier to inject products of high viscosity using these needles.